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Water efficient blue planet one drop at a time

Specialists in water efficiency

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Is your water smart already?

Smartvatten is a growing supplier of water efficiency technology in Northern Europe, founded in 2013.

We develop, manufacture, and sell products and services for the Real Estate and Water Utilities sector, covering the entire water cycle. We are creating a water-efficient future where clean water is valued and its responsible use is constantly striven for all over the world.

We have more than 110 employees in eight different countries and offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Holland, and Germany. We are a company where both our employees and our stakeholders are committed to helping solve the global water crisis together with enthusiasm, expertise, collaboration, and accountability.

About Smartvatten

  • Established in 2013
  • Marko Pitkänen is the man to go when it comes to real estate water efficiency
  • Interested? Call us:
    Smartvatten Oy
    p. +358 20 741 4020

Logo of HR Service Arctic Career

Arctic Career Oy

HR-services with kindness

Be met as the person you are

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At Your Service when you need work

An Employment services Company that has a passion for encountering people personally, kindly and with care.

About Arctic Career

  • founded in Rovaniemi 15.3.2022
  • we help our customer to find workers
  • we are local
  • we want to know our workers


Kasvua datalla ja sydämellä

Using data for your marketing and growth

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Digital marketing based on data

Valoa Digital on jokaisen kasvuun tähtäävän yrityksen, yrittäjän ja organisaation kumppani.

Valoa Digital is the partner of every company, entrepreneur and organization aiming for growth.

About Valoa Digital Oy

  • Born in 2016
  • Making content and data work together
  • Embracing new technologies

Fun facts

  • Veera who works here at Njetworking for Valoa is a speed typer
  • Working with different tools at all time
  • Bringing an additional joy to the office occasionally when her dog Buba comes to visit


Growing Your Ideas

stay safe, stay healthy

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CDMO at Your Service

Our vision at Procemsa Group is to build a truly customer focused CDMO.

A destination, that provides an industry defining level of service, to accelerate the development, testing and launch of the highest quality and most innovative Food Supplements, Cosmetics and Medical Devices, across multiple categories, channels, and territories.

We will achieve this by partnering and co-developing with the most forward-thinking companies and brands in the industry.

This is only possible thanks to our business leaders, professionals and employees for their continuous enterprising work.

Together, we take pride in building upon our strong foundation as we continue to write the story of our group”

Procemsa – data and facts

  • founded in Turin, Italy in 1939
  • dedicated to the production of pharmaceutical products
  • continuous growth and innovation

Fun fact

Robert, who is for Procemsa here at the Njetworking coworking space very much enjoys the international environment and good network of people.

Logo of Kääpä Biotech

Kääpä Biotech

The Future of Fungi is Finland

We see the power of the unknown

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Mushrooms on the move

KÄÄPÄ Biotech is a Finnish-based SME with expertise in scalable, novel fungal applications for taking a wide-range of mycological solutions to market.

With knowledge in large-scale basidiomycete fungi culturing (spore or wild isolate – to -sporocarp), growth conditions and media optimisation (solid and liquid mediums), fungal extractions for bioactive-enriched consumer products (including ultrasonic assisted extraction or UAE), biodiversity conservation of rare and endangered fungal species (culturing and inoculation), sustainable forest management solutions regarding fungal inoculations (mycorrhizal and wood-decay in live, dead, and waste wood), fungal delivery mechanisms (inoculation tools), fungal-optimising of functioning bio/physical/chemical properties of soils, rhizomes or lignocellulosic-based materials, KÄÄPÄ can strongly compliment research institutes or companies for a range of bio-circular projects or prospects.

Please get in touch with us contact@kaapabiotech.com.

About Kääpä Biotech

  • Established in 2018
  • researches, innovates and develops novel industry solutions with fungi.

Fun facts about Pete from Kääpä

  • Being at Njetworking in Oulu has enabled me to improve my work-life balance as a remote analyst for KÄÄPÄ Biotech as well as meeting some friendly co-Njetworkers
  • My specialties are in medicinal mushroom knowlegde (academic and industry), ranging from spore-to-consumer market; circular bioeconomic practices involving fungi; environmental and ecosystem engineering; scientific literature analysis and writing

Pearl Kiinteistöt logo

PROJECT APARTMENTS - Pearl Kiinteistöt Oy

Your accommodation needs for your big projects

With bigger longer lasting projects often the need to accommodate a larger amount of workers can arise. We have the solution for you there.

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Accomodation Services with Pearl Kiinteistöt

We offer project accommodation throughout Finland, supporting construction and investment projects.

Järjestämme projektimajoitusta ympäri Suomea komennustyöntekijöille.

Our quality is based on individual approach to each customer. We listen to your needs, promptly answer your e-mails and phone calls.

Pearl Kiinteistöt in a Nutshell

  • Founded in 2008
  • Arranging for furnished apartments fro 1 – 100 persons
  • we have a 97% customer satisfaction rating


Idea Development ID Oy

We create the WOW

Your Digital marketing specialist working with data driven approach

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What are your digital marketing needs?

ID BBN on kansainvälinen, moneen otteeseen palkittu digitaaliseen markkinointiin ja markkinoinnin automaatioon erikoistunut toimisto. Loistavassa tiimissämme yhdistyy tekninen tietotaito, B2B-markkinoinnin syvällinen ymmärrys, strateginen ajattelu ja monikanavainen luovuus. Työkaluihimme kuuluvat Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud / Pardot ja monet muut välineet, joilla saadaan aikaan mitattavia tuloksia ja parempi asiakaskokemus.


ID BBN is at the forefront of digital marketing—we’re an international, award-winning digital marketing agency that helps companies thrive. Our brilliant team combines technological know-how with a thorough understanding of B2B marketing processes, strategic thinking and great creative.We use tools such as Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce Marketing Cloud/Pardot to bring you truly measurable business results and richer customer experiences.

ID BBN in a Nutshell

  • Founded 1993 in Turku
  • Offices in Helsinki, Turku, Oulu (Njetworking)
  • Specializing in data-driven marketing


  • Fun fact: ID BBN Kaisa likes to cook actual food in the Njetworking kitchen.

Targetor Oy

SaaS for Strategy Implementation

Targetor is a software company based in Oulu. Our solutions help organisations follow up their strategy implementation real-time in a SaaS application

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Targetor on oululainen ohjelmistoyritys, joka kehittää ja tarjoaa verkkopohjaisia ratkaisuja strategian, tavoitteiden, toimenpiteiden sekä kehityshankkeiden johtamiseen, toimeenpanoon ja seurantaan. Targetorin verkkopohjaisissa ratkaisuissa korostuvat ihmisten ja suoritusten johtaminen sekä osallistaminen. Targetorin tarjoamat työkalut pureutuvat johtamisen ja kehittämisen perusasioihin – tavoitteiden jalkauttamiseen ja toimenpiteiden johtamiseen. Targetor menee numeroiden edelle, sinne missä tulos, liikevaihto ja hallittu kasvu tehdään.

Targetor Oy facts

  • Founded back in 2003
  • Located in the big center office at Njetworking
  • Coffee are a necessity for the guys working there

Simple Agency Oy

Custom marketing packages for small and medium sized companies

We plan and run custom marketing packages for small businesses that don’t have a “marketing person.” A small business means one that is owned or run mostly by 1-2 people, with up to 100 employees. Our goal is to keep marketing simple: we want to do the things that get you 80% of the results with 20% of the work. For companies in Finland, we also offer Finnish-to-English translation of marketing materials (brochures, websites, ads, etc).

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Keep Marketing Simple

Strategy and planning

Email marketing (planning, setup, automation, newsletters)

Websites (new sites, content and design audits)

Advertising analysis for ads other companies are running for you, or that you are running

Branding, logo design

Graphic design (informational posters, brochures, flyers, digital graphics)

Custom projects

Finnish-to-English translation of marketing-related text (American English)

Simple Agency Oy facts

  • Born in 2020
  • Vast experience in marketing on the US market
  • Finnish and English service
  • Hands on approach and attitude

MeKiwi Oy

Mobile applications, websites and comprehensive digital services

We have everything you need – the versatile services of a digital office under one roof. With us you can easily get from the planning stage to the end product. We professionally execute small and large projects specifically for your business.

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Green Hoodies here at Your Service

The MeKiwi service covers the entire package, whether it be a website, a mobile application, a web application or software design and implementation. All individually and customer-oriented, of course. We can provide everything a digital service requires. Graphic design, web hosting, and maintenance are also part of our expertise. If you want to make a successful digital leap, you are at the right spot! Our diverse team of experts and designers is at your disposal.

MeKiwi in Nutshell

  • Born in 2014
  • Number one coffee consumers at Njetwork Inn
  • Virtual Reality frontier warriors
  • Web developer experts