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KÄÄPÄ Biotech is a Finnish-based SME with expertise in scalable, novel fungal applications for taking a wide-range of mycological solutions to market.

With knowledge in large-scale basidiomycete fungi culturing (spore or wild isolate – to -sporocarp), growth conditions and media optimisation (solid and liquid mediums), fungal extractions for bioactive-enriched consumer products (including ultrasonic assisted extraction or UAE), biodiversity conservation of rare and endangered fungal species (culturing and inoculation), sustainable forest management solutions regarding fungal inoculations (mycorrhizal and wood-decay in live, dead, and waste wood), fungal delivery mechanisms (inoculation tools), fungal-optimising of functioning bio/physical/chemical properties of soils, rhizomes or lignocellulosic-based materials, KÄÄPÄ can strongly compliment research institutes or companies for a range of bio-circular projects or prospects.

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About Kääpä Biotech

  • Established in 2018
  • researches, innovates and develops novel industry solutions with fungi.

Fun facts about Pete from Kääpä

  • Being at Njetworking in Oulu has enabled me to improve my work-life balance as a remote analyst for KÄÄPÄ Biotech as well as meeting some friendly co-Njetworkers
  • My specialties are in medicinal mushroom knowlegde (academic and industry), ranging from spore-to-consumer market; circular bioeconomic practices involving fungi; environmental and ecosystem engineering; scientific literature analysis and writing