Custom marketing packages for small and medium sized companies

We plan and run custom marketing packages for small businesses that don’t have a “marketing person.” A small business means one that is owned or run mostly by 1-2 people, with up to 100 employees. Our goal is to keep marketing simple: we want to do the things that get you 80% of the results with 20% of the work. For companies in Finland, we also offer Finnish-to-English translation of marketing materials (brochures, websites, ads, etc).

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Keep Marketing Simple

Strategy and planning

Email marketing (planning, setup, automation, newsletters)

Websites (new sites, content and design audits)

Advertising analysis for ads other companies are running for you, or that you are running

Branding, logo design

Graphic design (informational posters, brochures, flyers, digital graphics)

Custom projects

Finnish-to-English translation of marketing-related text (American English)

Simple Agency Oy facts

  • Born in 2020
  • Vast experience in marketing on the US market
  • Finnish and English service
  • Hands on approach and attitude