Got time for a visit and a cup of coffee?

In case you didn´t yet know:  Njetwork Inn is an all inclusive co-working space and shared office with a lively community of fellow entrepreneurs in the center of Oulu.

We like to introduce our place to new people who are looking for a place to work, to network or just open for exchanging ideas and meeting interesting people.

Njetworking is about many companies and people

Njetworking has throughout its existence created many opportunities to build a great network of people and businesses. To our past and present clients and companies these have become part of their history and in some cases huge success story.

The Network of Njetworking

About Njetwork Inn:

  • Meet fellow Njetworkers
  • Pick a place for you to work
  • Non-stop coffee service
  • Roam freely in the open public areas
  • Fast Wi-Fi internet connection
  • and if you like you can book meetings

A collection of questions

We have collected some of the most asked questions from our clients and visitors and added them to this section.

Should you not find the answer you are looking for here – just call us or send email. We’re happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

We as Njetworking / Socializing Friday Oy don’t own any parking spaces. However around the housing block where we are located there are a great number of public parking spaces with parking duration of up to 2 hours.

Our meeting rooms are free to use for our modules from FlexDesk and upwards. For customers with this option they can book them directly in our calendar system.

Yes we have several WiFi access points throughout the offices and meeting rooms. Please have a look out for the different signs with WiFi name and passcodes.

We do sign open permanent contracts with no arranged lease time as we know how quickly business operation and needs can change. Only thing we ask for is a 2 month cancellation to terminate the contract.

Come And Visit Us Or Book A Tour !

Nope it won’t cost you anything!
We just want to meet and get to know you and your business helping us to figure out how we best can serve you

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