We are Njetworkers

The Njetworking office space (also known as the Njetwork Inn) is an all inclusive co-working space and shared office, where you can focus on carrying out your business while we take care of the rest.

We make sure that you have everything you need to succeed in your business. And as it says in the head line we do network here too.

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Look who is here with us:

Think Big, Be Great – See the Bigger Picture.

Njetworking is so much more than just an office space you share with others.
For us here to network is part of our daily work which lets us create a much
larger network for the benefit of all.

Apart from creating a care free working environment for you the place is a plattform for serendipities and chance meetings to hapen opening up new opportunities.

More About Us

Njetworkers Connect – to Each Other and The World.

Everyone at Njetworking is a member of a much larger community than just working in the same office.

No matter if you are a 1-man band or part of a company at this office you are connected to all the others and you will get a feeling of being each others colleagues.

And we are coming from all walks of life and many different countries from around the world.

It naturally goes around that we support each other in many different ways – and not only professionally. The daily chats in the kitchen bring us all together, or we just hang out in the open space area spinning ideas or creating new projects.

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