Whats happening on your work weeks Friday afternoon?

This is the question the founders of Socializing Friday (SocFri Oy) asked themselves back in 2009 and thought about how to make it more fun and productive.

Usually Friday afternoons tend to be a little dreary as it is close to the weekend and you really don´t want to start bigger tasks then.

Logo Socializing Friday

Socializing Friday´s story begins

So to make the Friday afternoons a bit more attractive and productive in a business sense the founders came up with the idea of getting their networks together in a nice informal and fun atmosphere.

Usually starting from 15:00 people come together to meet each other and network, spin off ideas, having a snack and a drink.

This usually was taking place at different locations around town promoting other business and sponsors. Short presentations from sponsors would kick off the meeting and afterwards social gathering among the attendees was creating new connections.

An event series which since has been known as Socializing Friday was born.

About Socializing Friday Oy:

  • Founded in November 2011
  • Created Socializing Friday events as early as 2009
  • more than 50 events
  • Creation of Njetworking coworking office in 2014