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Get the right Wordpress website for you from an experienced professional

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WordPress-tekijä pohjoisesta. Tarjoan mutkatonta ja palkittua verkkosivupalvelua yli kymmenen vuoden kokemuksella ja täydellä tyytyväisyystakuulla.

WordPress developer from the North. I offer straightforward and award-winning website development services with over ten years of experience and a full satisfaction guarantee.

Arcode in short

  •  Founded Arcode in 2022
  •  I specialize in WordPress website development
  •  (Fun?) fact: I started website business called Sivututka in 2013, grew team to 6 people, then scaled back to work solo after 10 years. And I love it!
  •  Get myself a Njetworking Plan after the walls of my home office started to feel dull. Great way to change scenery every once in a while!

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Water efficient blue planet one drop at a time

Specialists in water efficiency

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Is your water smart already?

Smartvatten is a growing supplier of water efficiency technology in Northern Europe, founded in 2013.

We develop, manufacture, and sell products and services for the Real Estate and Water Utilities sector, covering the entire water cycle. We are creating a water-efficient future where clean water is valued and its responsible use is constantly striven for all over the world.

We have more than 110 employees in eight different countries and offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Holland, and Germany. We are a company where both our employees and our stakeholders are committed to helping solve the global water crisis together with enthusiasm, expertise, collaboration, and accountability.

About Smartvatten

  • Established in 2013
  • Marko Pitkänen is the man to go when it comes to real estate water efficiency
  • Interested? Call us:
    Smartvatten Oy
    p. +358 20 741 4020

Logo of HR Service Arctic Career

Arctic Career Oy

HR-services with kindness

Be met as the person you are

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At Your Service when you need work

An Employment services Company that has a passion for encountering people personally, kindly and with care.

About Arctic Career

  • founded in Rovaniemi 15.3.2022
  • we help our customer to find workers
  • we are local
  • we want to know our workers

hexagonal logo school of gaming

School of Gaming Galactic Oy

School of Gaming

Pelien peli – Game of Games

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Learning while gaming

School of Gaming tarjoaa pelikasvatusta verkossa. Kaikkien oppituntiemme pääpaino on elämäntaitojen opettelussa. Suuntautumisvaihtoehdot (esports, Minecraft ja teknologia) määrittävät puitteet, joissa taitoja opetellaan.


We are an online school that teaches children various academic, professional and social skills by using Minecraft, Roblox and other games as tools.

SOG – gamers facts

  • Founded 2020
  • Startup who started going global from Indonesia and then continued to Chile, Peru and Honduras.
  • The home of game education with over 100 game educators around the world

Funny fact

  • If you need to use the copy machine at Njetworking ask help from Marko

Nextier Oy

Bring your software to the NEXTIER

Nextier is a team of passionate software specialists. Trusted by industry leaders, our cutting-edge solutions empower you to fulfill your vision and bring your ideas to life.

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Software development services

Got a problem that needs solving? Let’s talk.

Nextier offers tailored solutions for your software projects, emphasizing user experience, design, and technical performance. We create complete applications from the ground up as well as standalone additions for existing applications. Our versatile services can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Nextier Oy facts:

  • Founded in 2021.
  • Software design and development services.
  • Team of highly experienced specialists.
  • World-class partners.

Fun facts Being at Njetworking:

  • Organised environment that feels like home.
  • Great location at the centre of Oulu.
  • Plenty of equipment and utilities.
  • Regular events to truly build your Njetwork.
  • Daily help wrestling with the printer.


Kasvua datalla ja sydämellä

Using data for your marketing and growth

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Digital marketing based on data

Valoa Digital on jokaisen kasvuun tähtäävän yrityksen, yrittäjän ja organisaation kumppani.

Valoa Digital is the partner of every company, entrepreneur and organization aiming for growth.

About Valoa Digital Oy

  • Born in 2016
  • Making content and data work together
  • Embracing new technologies

Fun facts

  • Veera who works here at Njetworking for Valoa is a speed typer
  • Working with different tools at all time
  • Bringing an additional joy to the office occasionally when her dog Buba comes to visit

Positive Partnerships

Your Goals

Building positive partnerships globally

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Wanting more leads and building your brand?

We build client generation brands which generate leads and sales opportunities for our partners in a consistent, sustainable way. We also help entrepreneurs, influencers and businesses unlock Google ad grants to help them boost their social impact. Our expertise is online advertising and lead generation.

Positive Partnerships @Njetworking

  • Relaunched as a Finnish startup in 2023 (originally founded in the UK)
  • You drop in at Njetworking and instantly feel at home among friends
  •  Apart from digital advertising and funnel building, I love to ski and moved to northern Finland for the snowy winters
  •  Love the sense of community and collaboration fostered by Jan


Growing Your Ideas

stay safe, stay healthy

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CDMO at Your Service

Our vision at Procemsa Group is to build a truly customer focused CDMO.

A destination, that provides an industry defining level of service, to accelerate the development, testing and launch of the highest quality and most innovative Food Supplements, Cosmetics and Medical Devices, across multiple categories, channels, and territories.

We will achieve this by partnering and co-developing with the most forward-thinking companies and brands in the industry.

This is only possible thanks to our business leaders, professionals and employees for their continuous enterprising work.

Together, we take pride in building upon our strong foundation as we continue to write the story of our group”

Procemsa – data and facts

  • founded in Turin, Italy in 1939
  • dedicated to the production of pharmaceutical products
  • continuous growth and innovation

Fun fact

Robert, who is for Procemsa here at the Njetworking coworking space very much enjoys the international environment and good network of people.

Tervarit Juniorit

Not only football but social engagement too

Where sports and community work meet

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Improving your football and engaging socially

Tarjoamme laadukkaan jalkapalloharrastuksen kaikille. Haluamme olla Pohjois-Suomen paras seura vuodesta toiseen.

We offer quality football coaching for everyone. We want to be the best football club in Northern Finland year by year.


Our Social engagement:

Tervarit Juniorit has been doing employment projects for the past six years. At the moment we are running an employment project called Moving Forward in Oulu. We help people who live in Oulu region to find job and places to study.

Our project group help job seekers in multiple ways such as; creating and updating CV, doing the job search and filling the school applications together. Utilizing previously created connections to local companies, project workers help the companies as well as the job seekers to meet and match. This method also allows our customers to find hidden job opportunities and help companies save time and resources in the recruiting process.

The project arranges short courses to help the job seekers acquire skills needed to get the job they want. Our service is available for all unemployed people and funded by the European Social Fund, City of Oulu, Osao and Tervarit Juniorit.

Tervarit facts

  • Born in 1994
  • Active football coaches and enthusiastic employment projects
  • Working on social engagement and fun together

Toastmasters Club

Northern Speech Wizards Toastmasters Club

Were leaders are made

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Toastmasters a place were you can learn to improve your public speech

We are thrilled to welcome each and everyone of you to Northern Speech Wizards Toastmasters Club (The northern most Toastmasters club in Continental Finland).
This is an ideal place to practice communication, leadership and public speaking skills.

Our meetings usually include following agenda:
1) one to three prepared speeches (5-7 min)
2) four to five impromptu speech session (1-2 min)
3) speech evaluation session

All guests are warmly welcome to our meetings.
It is the right place for meeting like minded individuals wants to improve the communication and leadership skills in a friendly and casual environment.

Our guests would be highly encouraged to take part in Impromptu speech session. We are also glad to hear your feedback at the end of each meeting.

Timing is very important in our meetings and for that reason we start our meetings exactly at 6 pm EET. So please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to meet and greet old and new fellow members and guests.

Once again, we are delighted to welcome many of you to our unique meetings!

Toastmasters – now in Oulu too!

  • Newly established club for Oulu in 2022
  • BiWeekly meetings on Tuesday evenings
  • Great network of like-minded speakers and who want to become them
  • Improve yourself