Ruostesuo Consulting Oy

Professional consulting services

Better strategic development for your company in the areas of sales, marketing and financial planning

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If you are bored with people who talk and need somebody who acts, call me.

One person company which offers services to make your company better in sales, marketing, strategic or financial planning. Mika Ruostesuo with 25 years of expertise in sales, marketing and financials mainly in IT-sector.

Ruostesuo Consulting in a Nutshell

  • Founded in 2011
  • 25 years of experience
  • I work in Njetworking because of wife, kids and dogs being at home.
  • Knows how to network

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Oulun B&N Yhtiöt Oy (OBN)

Liiketoiminnan kehittämisen tueksi kannattaa valita ykkösketjun ammattilainen. OBN – Innovating and improving your business!

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Network of Service

YHDESSÄ ENEMMÄN! Oulu Business Networks Oy (OBN) on organisaatioiden kehittämiseen erikoistunut konsultointi- ja asiantuntijayritys. Toimimme verkottuneesti ja tarjoamme parasta mahdollista palvelua asiakkaillemme.

MORE TOGETHER! Oulu Business Networks Oy (OBN) is an expert company specialized on developing the business and operations of any organization. Our work is based on networking of specialists and we always provide the best possible service to our customers.

OBN in a Nutshell

  • founded in 2003
  • OBN has locations in Oulu, Rovaniemi, Tampere and Pori and operates in whole Finland by 10 professionals in your service
  • all our business development professionals are trained and certified by several authorities
  • you can find us also in LinkedIn

Iggo Software Oy

Your partner and service provider for bringing your business online

Iggo Software Oy creates innovative solutions for business, commerce and communication in the web.


Specialized web services software development

* Hundreds of delivered web services, sites and online shops since 2015
* Specializing in technically demanding custom functionality and integrations
* Massive experience in Magento 2 and Wordpress platforms

The Iggo Software facts

  • Born in 2015
  • Small team of highly professional experts
  • Speciality Magento 2 and WordPress

Lekasoft Oy

Software made for you

Software development with 30 years experience – embedded, iOS, back-end, signal processing…

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Lekasoft a small but powerful ally in software development

Software development with 30 years experience – embedded, iOS, back-end, signal processing…

Brief data of Lekasoft

  • founded in 2005
  • enjoys working at Njetworking since 2018
  • likes the interaction with the other “colleagues” in the office