JS Hercules community – an umbrella organisation for football enthusiasts

The Hercules community has around 2.500 football players throughout the Oulu region

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Not only a football club but an influential force in the Oulu region

It all started back in 1998 as a gathering of passionate footballs players, who wanted to play the game, but weren´t real professionals. The gathered from the universities in Oulu going for weekly practising and expanding to others who had the same passion.

Over the years more and more people gathered and a huge network was created connecting people from many backgrounds.

What started as a grass root movement grew over the years and affected and influenced many people from the network creating new opportunities, ideas and sometimes businesses too.

As of 2015 the club had grown through the network and the associated sports clubs to go more professional being able to attract good talent and promote them. Many other initiatives were founded out of this network like the E-Sports section and neighborhood activity programme Lähirähinä.

JS Hercules in a Nutshell

  • Founded in Oulu 1998
  • Influential football club in the Oulu region
  • huge network of players and coaches
  • idea giver in other areas of sports like e-sports and neighborhood free-time activities