Northern Speech Wizards Toastmasters Club

Were leaders are made

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Toastmasters a place were you can learn to improve your public speech

We are thrilled to welcome each and everyone of you to Northern Speech Wizards Toastmasters Club (The northern most Toastmasters club in Continental Finland).
This is an ideal place to practice communication, leadership and public speaking skills.

Our meetings usually include following agenda:
1) one to three prepared speeches (5-7 min)
2) four to five impromptu speech session (1-2 min)
3) speech evaluation session

All guests are warmly welcome to our meetings.
It is the right place for meeting like minded individuals wants to improve the communication and leadership skills in a friendly and casual environment.

Our guests would be highly encouraged to take part in Impromptu speech session. We are also glad to hear your feedback at the end of each meeting.

Timing is very important in our meetings and for that reason we start our meetings exactly at 6 pm EET. So please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to meet and greet old and new fellow members and guests.

Once again, we are delighted to welcome many of you to our unique meetings!

Toastmasters – now in Oulu too!

  • Newly established club for Oulu in 2022
  • BiWeekly meetings on Tuesday evenings
  • Great network of like-minded speakers and who want to become them
  • Improve yourself